Inspiration comes in many different forms for Simone Rocha. The 25 year old designer cites “ponykids, art, Ireland and her family” amongst her biggest influences- yet also recognizes the advantages of having a studio in London and the impact it has on her innovative designs and her expert fabric manipulation.

“You’re in the thick of it. It’s a city with so many different people that you meet and collaborate with which leads to great things.” Simone says of her Dalston based workspace.

Simone and her team of five are responsible for her acclaimed designs, “Kim is my right hand assistant- she is truly wonderful, straightforward and she laughs at my jokes (sometimes). Candy, is my textile assistant who emails me photos of pugs in crochet and lace. Lizzie who is my studio manager and Kit is our intern and not forgetting Rufus the dog. I also work with my mum who is based in Ireland.”

Rocha’s edgy and alluring designs will be displayed at her biggest show to date at London Fashion Week this season.