In this week’s My Stuff we speak to Alexander Fury, one of London’s favourite fashion critics, who can currently be found sharing his refreshing honesty and fast wit as The Independent’s Fashion Editor.

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I see words through…quite strong contact lenses, usually. If I’m squinting at a show I’ve forgotten them. I did a whole Milan season like that once.

The shoes I wear to dinner are…formal. I own one pair of training shoes. And have never worn them.

Never underestimate the power of my… shopping addiction. It has bogarted the bigger of my flat’s two bedrooms.

Lately I’ve been talking too much about my…Charles James obsession. Mostly via Instagram.

Friday nights go with my…rabbit. I’m not great at social stuff.

I record my life with…reticence. And a Vaseline-smeared lens.

(Portrait by Nick Knight)