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Kenzo SS15

30/06/2014, At the Shows












(Photos by Anna Stokland)

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My Stuff: George Cortina

27/06/2014, My Stuff

In this week’s ‘My Stuff ‘ we speak to George Cortina, the stylist best known for his fashionable client list, and the impressive number of times he’s been caught on camera by street-style photographers.  


An international man should always be in possession of… a passport.

When in doubt I always turn to my… assistant.

Sometimes I wonder why I own so many… speedos.

Lately I’ve been talking too much about my… self.

I can get out of any sticky situation with my… charm.

Mental stimulation can always be found through my… environment.

(Portrait by Inez and Vinoodh)

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Unsung Heroes: Jackie Zebrowski by Crystal Renn

26/06/2014, Unsung Heroes

To give you a taste of what’s to come in Issue 7 we present Unsung Heroes, a new feature where we move the spotlight away from the familiar faces of fashion, onto a group of people it’s likely you’ll know less about. But when it comes to the daily lives of our industry’s finest, these are the people worth knowing.

In the second of our series, model Crystal Renn, talks to us about her Unsung Hero, Jackie Zabrowski.

DSC_7996 copy

Crystal Renn
Unsung Hero: Jackie Zebrowski

I am notoriously not a morning person, using something like 10 alarms to wake up. When I drag my groggy self into my favorite coffee place, The Blue Stove, Jackie already knows that I want an Americano and she has it waiting for me. She’s very witty and gets my day off to a sunny start.

Jackie Zebrowski photographed by Matthew Priestley

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Fashion Quote of the Week

25/06/2014, Fashion Quote

‘I want models to be a mystery to me. I guess it comes from that rock’n’roll posturing, where people are prepared to expose themselves but they’re defiant. They’ve got to look like they could either have an intelligent conversation with you, or kick the living shit out of you.’

David Sims,
‘This is your life’, Issue 6, Industrie Magazine

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#MySelfie: Prabal Gurung

23/06/2014, #MySelfie

Prabal Gurung’s eponymous line might still be fairly young, but that isn’t to say the label hasn’t already packed in a host of impressive achievements. From CFDA Womenswear Award Winner to dressing First Lady Michelle Obama, Prabal has built his brand on a style of dress that isn’t for the faint hearted. Here the designer speaks candidly in this week’s #MySelfie.

Prabal 1

What is the trait you most admire about the fashion industry?

What is the trait you most deplore about the fashion industry?
The sometimes apparent ‘herd’ mentality – the incessant need to belong to a group and inability stand alone.

If you were to be reincarnated as a piece of clothing, what would you be and why?
The white T-shirt – it’s a wardrobe staple.

What was your most memorable fashion moment?
Meeting the 3 American Greats: Calvin, Ralph and Donna together in one room.

What is your style motto?
Sensual, subdued and spontaneous.

What were you thinking when you took this Selfie?