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Alexander Wang SS15: Behind the Scenes

07/09/2014, Behind the scenes, New York Fashion Week





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(Photography by Anna Stokland)

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My Stuff: Glenn O’Brien

15/08/2014, My Stuff

Glenn O’Brien has been described as the voice of New York, and for good reason.  For over the last 30 years his sharp eye and inquiring mind have given us some of fashion’s most insightful reviews.  Here he gives us an insight into the stuff that gives fuel to his creative fire.

S02 100

The memorabilia I’m most protective of is my…family photo album and my son’s wild drawings of the Alps.

Boredom doesn’t exist thanks to my…low threshold and enormous library.

I’m currently infatuated with my…Tesla model S.

Sometimes I wonder why I own…so many books that I have a hard time finding what I’m looking for.

One thing that will never go out of fashion is my…button-down collar.

I record my life with my…writing and all the usual technology.

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#MySelfie: Georgia Fowler

11/08/2014, #MySelfie

Continuing our #MySelfie series, we put Georgia Fowler’s model talent to the test with our Proustian inspired Q&A.


What is the trait you most admire about the fashion industry?
The eclectic range of people and the opportunity for personal expression through your own wardrobe.

What is the trait you most deplore about the fashion industry?
Fashionable lateness.

If you were to be reincarnated as a piece of clothing, what would you be and why?
A sloppy jumper.

What was your most memorable fashion moment?
Watching Karl Lagerfeld sketch me during my first Chanel show fitting – wish I’d had the guts to ask for that scrap of paper!

What is your style motto?
It’s okay to be schizophrenic in fashion – sometimes you can be girly, sometimes boyish, sometimes polished, sometimes grungy.

What were you thinking when you took this Selfie?
Put me on ya Harley.

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My Stuff: Sophia Amoruso

08/08/2014, My Stuff

Sophia Amoruso is the CEO of a multi-million dollar brand, the author of a New York Times best selling book and everyone’s favourite girl boss. To celebrate her feature inside Issue 7 of Industrie Magazine we asked Sophia to tell us about the stuff that helps makes her the boss.


(Photography by Robbie Fimmano)

A good day always begins with my… smoothie.

I’m the boss when I’m wearing my…platforms.

I can impress anyone with my…cat-like reflexes. 

Boredom doesn’t exist thanks to my…restless mind.

I’m not guilty about being obsessed with…cars.

I stay nasty with my…bad self.

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My Stuff: Tabitha Simmons

29/07/2014, My Stuff

When Tabitha Simmons first started designing shoes she was inspired to create something that women would really want to wear. Now at the helm of her global brand, the former model turned stylist has made a business out of giving women exactly what they want.

To coincide with her interview inside Issue 7 of Industrie Magazine, we asked Tabitha to tell us about the ‘stuff’ that helps make her brand.

Industrie_Tabitha Simmons Portrait(Portrait by Craig McDean)

The day is best started by…taking my children to school followed by a ballet lesson.

I stay ahead of the game thanks to my… work ethic.

The item that best captures my style mantra… would be one of my designs; either the flat pointed Belfy from the AW14 collection or the Tinsley or Calista Victorian bootie.

I get the most inspiration out of… travelling, my surroundings and my English upbringing.

The shoes I always wear on a plane are my… Early Boot or Alexa flat.